Welcome to my garden blog! I’m Terri, your slightly obsessed gardener in residence.

It’s hard for me not to be passionate about gardening after discovering that life’s most important lessons can be learned by keeping a vegetable garden. Tending to your garden, providing the proper foundation, and having patience as your garden yields only to the times of nature are metaphors for how to live life. If you’re a gardener like me, you already know there are so many life lessons in gardening.

My grandmama was always growing a little something. Whether it was just the small strip of land in the backyard, or herbs in containers on the front porch and kitchen windowsill – she always had a little kitchen garden. With inspiration from generations past, down through my family tree, flowing through my veins, I’m growing back to my roots. From that Wampanoag woman who married a freedman from the Akan people of Ghana in the Americas; these people worked the soil as a way of life. I’m drawn back to nature and to my ancestors through my love for gardening.

Maybe you have experienced something similar, but, about five years ago, I found myself going through an awakening of sorts. After a lifetime of subjecting my crown to perms, weaves, and braids, I grew tired. So, I decided to take out the hair that I purchased and let my hair be natural. The feeling of freedom was completely unexpected. That following spring, there was a calling, I wanted to start gardening. As I sat there looking at a barren space in my side yard, I thought, I should start gardening. So, I contacted a friend who had a bunch of five-gallon containers and asked to borrow them. She lent me around 20 containers and some wire cages. I purchased some soil and compost, and I started planting. At this point, I knew nothing, I had never gardened before, but I had killed many houseplants. But, there seemed to be a natural sense that I had tapped into. From that moment, I was hooked, that was several years ago. That feeling of freedom that I got from allowing my hair to grow naturally is the same feeling I have when I’m tending to my garden. It was a spiritual awakening.

As I continued to garden, I learned many lessons from my successes and my failures. And I’m still learning. As my garden grows in size, I’m growing spiritually, I’m in tune with the natural cycle in a way I never had been. I’m discovering that you can learn so much about life and living by gardening, and I would love for you to journey with me as I share what I’ve learned. And, maybe you’ve made discoveries that you’d love to share

This blog is about all that I discover about life and living through gardening. Also, I got you some cool recipes with ingredients straight from the garden and great gardening tips. Make sure you’re following my on social media to keep up the latest from Growing Back to My Roots.

From the root to the fruit, let’s grow something together!

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